Certificate fee payments

Please note that according to the The Legal Profession (Enrolment and Practising Certificate Fees) (Amendments) Rules, 2016,

Attorneys-at-Law who are called in other jurisdictions fees will be calculated based on the date of their first admittance to practice.

The rates below became effective May 1, 2016.

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Certificate JA$ US$ Click to order
Attorneys-at-Law of less than five years’ standing 12,000 94

Attorneys-at-Law of five years’ standing but less than fifteen years’ standing 24,000 187

Attorneys-at-Law of fifteen years standing and over 36,000 281
Attorneys-at-Law who have retired from practice 10,000 78
Attorneys-at-Law in their first year of practice who apply for a practising certificate after September 1 in any year will pay 50% of (1) above 6,000 47
Certificate of Good Standing 0 0