on  Legal subjects with special emphasis on Ethics, Client Welfare, Finance & Business Management


You may pay your registration fees online by clicking ADD TO ORDER in the column relating to your years in practice. All methods of payment are accepted at the General Legal Council’s office, 78 Harbour Street, Kingston.

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund registration fees if we receive notification of your cancellation within twenty-four (24) days of the date of the seminar.

DateTimeTitleCodeCreditsVenuePresentersAttorneys less than 3yrsAttorneys 3yrs & over
09/13/20174:30 PM - 6:30 PMGuilt By Association or is Proof of Intent Essential in the Proof of Secondary Liability?CL3172Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMr. Richard Small
09/16/201710:00 AM - 12:00 PMThe Application to Register Land: The Attorneys' Dream or Nightmare"CL3312Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMs. Gloria Brown, Ms. Lisa Campbell and Ms. Kimberley Bowen
09/30/201710:00 AM - 12:00 PMThe DNA Evidence ActCL333Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMs. Althea McBean
09/30/20171:00 PM - 3:00 PMInsurance Law; How Much of a Gambler are You?CL332Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMrs. Jennifer Rowe
10/04/20174:30 PM - 6:30 PMThe Sub-Judice Rule and Contempt of CourtCL3302Neil's Auditorium, MandevilleMr. Mikhail Jackson
10/14/201710:00 AM - 12:00 PMRevisiting the General Legal Council’s AML Guidance for the Legal Profession Part One (POCA)EMF20152Montego BayMr. Allan Wood, Q.C and Mrs. Gina Phillips Black
10/14/20171:00 PM - 3:00 PMPOCA 2EMF2016Montego BayMr. Allan Wood, Q.C and Mrs. Gina Phillips Black
10/18/20174:30 PM - 6:30 PMLessons from the Small Screen-Fictional Lawyers Real Ethical DilemmasEC1025Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMiss Gillian Burgess
10/21/201710:00 AM - 12:00 PMSentencing GuidelinesCL334Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMr. Robert Fletcher and Ms. Nancy Anderson
10/21/20171:00 PM - 3:00 PMAppeal Procedure in the Parish CourtsCL335Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMr. Norman Davis
10/26/20174:30 PM - 6:30 PMPlea BargainingCL336Jambar Conference Hall, KingstonMs. Althea McBean

N.B Accreditation i.e CLPD credit designation is being sought for all courses listed above.


December 1-3 Northern Regional CLPD Ocho Rios Topics to be announced

These are the rates for all seminars in the Schedule unless otherwise specified.

Years In Practice JA$ US$
Attorneys-at-law of less than three years’ standing 2,000 17
Attorneys-at-law of three years’ standing and over 4,000 33

Codes for CLPD Courses

EC is applicable to the subjects ethics and clients’ welfare, AMF is applicable to accounts, business management & finance and CL is applicable to general CLPD subjects.

AMF201Proceeds of Crime Act and Attorneys’ Obligations3
AMF2010You Have Written Your Strategic Plan Now What2
AMF2011Making Yourself Compliant with the Legal Profession Accounts and Records Regulations 1999Credits may be granted upon application using Form 2
AMF202Business Management3
AMF203Clients' Accounts - Financial Accounting Concepts, Methodology and Responsibilites2
AMF203Presentation 1 - Clients' Accounts - Financial Accounting Concepts, Methodology and Responsibilites2
AMF203 - P1Presentation 2 - Clients' Accounts - Financial Accounting Concepts, Methodology and Responsibilites2
AMF204Attorneys' and Clients' Accounts Part 2 - Banking and Taxing Requirements, Accounting for Interest and Reporting Responsibilities2
AMF205Finance Issues for the Legal Practitioner3
AMF208Organizing the Business of Law Practice2
AMF209The Challenges of Entrepreneurship2
CL301Replacing the Corporate Veil - The Retreat From The Retreat From Salomon2
CL302"Legislative Policy and Women's Human Rights: Why the Inflation in Legislation on Women's Bodies?"2
CL303Getting to Yes: Bail Applications in the Courts of Jamaica2
CL304Civil Malicious Prosecution And Abuse Of Process A New Lease On Life2
CL305The Administrator General's (Amendment) Act, 20152
CL306Estate Planning2
CL311The New Insolvency Proceedings Rules Legal UpdateCredits may be granted upon application using Form 2
CL312The Right to BailCredits may be granted upon application using Form 2
CL313Defining the Nexu Between Policy and Legislation the Attorney's RoleCredits may be granted upon application using Form 2
CL314Interpreting Tax LegislationCredits may be granted upon application using Form 2
CLB(S2)Legal Composition Writing Judgements Writing Arbitral Awards Writing Opinions2
CLC(S4)Abuse Of Process In Criminal Cases Whither This Unruly Horse?2
CLE(S6)The Initiation and Conduct Of Criminal Prosecutions: Criminal Prosecutions and the Constitutional Role Of the Office of DPP in the Criminal Justice System
Is there a right to bring a private prosecution or is it dependent on the grant of a fiat by DPP
CLF(S7)Procedure and Advocacy in the Original Jurisdiction of the CCJ2
EC101The Essentials of Professionalism and Ethics - Admission to the Profession - Status and Responsibilities as an Attorney2
EC1010Legal Aid - The Role of Counsel - Ethics & Procedure2
EC1011Moot: The Canons of Professional Ethics are Adequate for Attorneys in the Public Service?2
EC1012Attorneys Professional Undertakings in the Courts and in Contracts2
EC1013Relationship with Fellow Attorneys-Collegiality-Contact with Attorneys' Clients2
EC1014Disciplinary System - Complaints - Professional Misconduct and Adjudication - Cooperation - Compliance2
EC1015(S3)Relationship Between Bench & Bar - Traditions and Ethics2
EC1016Contemporary Ethical Issues In Criminal Law Practice2
EC1017Conduct In Court Interacting With The CourtCredits may be granted upon application using Form 2
EC102Referral and Engagement- Legal Aid - Dock Briefs 2
EC103Diligence in Handling Clients' Business - Standard of Care - Duty to continue to act - Repugnant/Unpopular Clients2
EC104Duty to the Court - Candour, Courtesy, Co-operation2
EC105AAttracting Clients - Part 1 - Advertising3
EC106Conflicts of Interests3
EC107Confidentiality - Disclosure - Privilege2
EC108Fee Charging and Contingency Fees Recovery3
EC109The Role and Responsibilities of the Advocate - Independence, Duty of the Prosecuting and Defence Counsel2
EMF206"Cross - Border Practice - Legal and Ethical Elements"3
EMF207Proceeds of Crime Act - Guidance for Attorneys3
EMF208(S5)Litigation Costs Recovery and Attorneys' Obligations2

Please note that as from the year 2014, any attorney who commenced practice on or after October 1, 2012 must, during his or her first three years of practice obtain a minimum of sixteen (16) CLPD credits consisting of not less than six (6) credits in a CLPD course in ethics and client welfare and two (2) credits in business management and finance.

All other attorneys must obtain a minimum of twelve (12) CLPD credits consisting of not less than four (4) credits in ethics and client welfare and eight (8) other credits in any CLPD course.


Attorneys are urged to pre-register for the courses in which they intend to participate as accommodation cannot be guaranteed for persons who do not. Attorneys are also being requested to avoid payment by cash and in cases where payment is being made at the venue to use credit cards. Attorneys may pre-register by:

  1. Making payment by clicking the Add to Order buttons in the schedule above or by sending cheques or money orders to the General Legal Council, 78 Harbour Street, Kingston.
  2. The registration fee for courses: Attorneys of 1-3 years in practice are required to pay $2,000.00 per session of 2 hours while attorneys over 3 years will pay $4,000.00 per session of 2 hours.
  3. All courses are awarded credits by virtue of application to the Accreditation Committee. Where credits have been awarded for participation in a course they will be reflected in the Credits column of the schedule.

Please email enquiries in relation to the schedule to


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