POCA Regulations & Guidelines now in effect

Attorneys-at-Law are advised that the claims for declarations by the Jamaican Bar Association in Claim No. 2014 HCV 0772, wherein it was alleged that the Constitution was contravened by the extension of Part V of the Proceeds of Crime Act, the regulations issued thereunder and the General Legal Council guidelines, have been dismissed.

Accordingly, the aforesaid regulations and guidelines are now in effect subject to any further order that the Court may make.

Attorneys coming within the regulatory sector must now commence compliance with the aforesaid laws and guidelines and in that regard a statutory declaration of activities must be filed by January 31, 2018 pursuant to section 5 (3C) of the The Legal Profession Act.

The General Legal Council (GLC) recognizes that attorneys will need time to re-familiarise themselves with these laws and to implement the necessary training and administrative measures to comply with same. In that regard the GLC will recommence Continuing Legal Professional Development seminars on this area.

Further, the GLC will not commence monitoring until 2018 following upon the filing of the requisite declaration of activities due on January 31, 2018.  This will allow attorneys time to implement the necessary measures required by the law.


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