Accounting Reports

Regulation 16 (1) of the Legal Profession (Accounts and Records) Regulations 1999 requires every attorney-at-law to deliver an accountant’s report to the Council for each year unless he or she files a declaration which satisfies the Council that it is unnecessary or impractical for him or her to do so.

Council has established a committee with particular responsibilities regarding this regulation. The Committee’s functions include:

  1. Maintaining an accurate register showing the status of the accounting reports of attorneys.
  2. Making recommendations with a view to improving the format and accuracy of the register.
  3. Making recommendations with a view to improving compliance with the relevant regulations.

Members of the committee include:

  • Ms. Hilary Reid (Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Walter Scott, Q.C.
  • Mrs. Audrey Welds
  • Mr. Dave Garcia

The Committee may be contacted at Comments are invited below.

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