Advertising Regulatory Committee

Canon II k of the Legal Profession (Canons of Professional Ethics) Rules provides for the establishment of an Advertising Committee for the sole purpose of considering proposed advertisements submitted by attorneys. The mandate of the Advertising Regulatory Committee is to consider and advise the Council on all other issues related to advertising by attorneys.

These issues include:

  • Whether the relevant canons should be amended and if so in what terms;
  • Issuing guidelines to the profession and responses to individual attorneys indicating the Council’s views on particular Canons and particular types of advertising;
  • Whether the Council should serve notices pursuant to Canon II (h).

The Advertising Regulatory Committee is chaired by Mrs. Daniella Gentles-Silvera and the other members are:

  • Mrs. Debra McDonald
  • Ms. Delrose Campbell
  • Ms. Carleen McFarlane
  • Mrs. Stacey Mitchell-Fraser
  • Mrs. Julianne Mais-Cox
  • Ms. Anna Gracie
  • Mr. Mikhail Jackson

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