Information Technology

The goal of the Information Technology (IT) Committee is to establish an interactive database from which information concerning the profession is available and accessible to members of the bar and the public generally. To this end the committee interfaces with the Council’s IT consultant with a view to providing suggestions for the upgrading and monitoring of the existing website as well as modernizing Council’s current IT facilities to provide one which is relevant and user friendly.

There are a number of aspects which are currently under consideration including updating the database of attorneys; enabling the website to provide a more efficient means of filing and paying for practicing certificates and other pertinent documents; to raise revenue; to increase the efficiency of services offered by the Council and to provide a platform for communication and exchange of information locally and regionally.

Members of the IT Committee have commenced updating information in respect of all attorneys-at-law on the Council’s records to ensure that the database contains accurate information about all attorneys-at-law on the Roll including those who have migrated, died and those that have been appointed as judges or other public law officers.

It is anticipated that these improvements will also give members of the legal community the opportunity to promote their practices through links on the website.

Members of the committee include

  • Mrs Denise Kitson Q.C. (Committee Chair)
  • Ms. Rochelle Cameron
  • Mr. Kevin Williams
  • Mrs. Trudy-Ann Dixon Frith
  • Mr. Mark Reynolds
  • Mrs. Kimberley McDowell.

The committee may be contacted at Comments are invited below.

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