Proceeds of Crime Act

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Committee

By letter dated 15th November 2010, the Bank of Jamaica advised the General Legal Council that it had been requested by the Office of the Prime Minister to co-ordinate the implementation of a regime which would extend anti-money laundering rules as established under the Proceeds of Crime Act to designated non-financial businesses and professions, including attorneys-at-law. This was followed up by presentation of a draft position paper from the Bank of Jamaica.

Consequent on that communication, the General Legal Council formed a committee comprised of the following persons to examine the Bank of Jamaica’s paper and to make proposals, particularly as to the legislative model which would be favoured to regulate attorneys under the Proceeds of Crime Act and the role of the General Legal Council in such a regime as the responsible regulatory body for the profession.

The Committee’s position paper dated 10 May 2012 was formally approved by the Council on 16 May 2012 and presented to the General Counsel of the Bank of Jamaica on 18 May 2012 and may be viewed by clicking the following links.

GLC Response POCA and TPA
Appendix 1 (Suspicious Transaction Report Form)
Appendix 2 (regulatory regimes)

Attorneys-at-Law were brought within the regulated sector on 1st June 2014. The General Legal Council has issued an Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the benefit of attorneys.



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