The Compensation Fund

In 2012, Parliament enacted a number of amendments to the Legal Profession Act. The new section 42l establishes a compensation fund to assist clients who have suffered losses as a result of actions by attorneys. The General Legal Council is to administer the Fund.

Council has established a committee to consider the implementation, administration and regulatory procedures that will be required. This would include consideration of the regulations that will be required, and how similar funds operate in other jurisdictions.

Various issues are presently under consideration, including the funding of the Fund, claims to be considered, recovery levels and maintenance of the Fund.

Members of the committee include:

•    Mr. John Bassie (Committee Chair)
•    Mr Ransford Braham, Q.C.
•    Ms. Saverna Chambers
•    Ms. Symone Mayhew

The committee may be contacted at Comments are invited below.

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